Ortofon 2MR Bronze – 2M Cartridge, Overall height 14mm, for Rega, Dual, etc

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The NEW Ortofon 2MR Cartridges
The Ortofon 2MR systems feature, specially designed cartridge housings, is tailored for turntables and tonearms such as Rega or Dual with an adapter plate, meeting their low profile cartridge requirements. With the low-profile cartridge housing, they can be screwed directly under the tonearm without the need for modifications or spacers on the tonearm. This allows for quick and easy installation with just two screws.

Now you can enjoy true precision and new sonic dimensions even on turntables with lower-height tonearms - without any complicated modifications, simply with the new 2MR Bronze
For Ortofon, HiFi is much more than just a fancy label. High fidelity is the goal of all efforts here. The 2MR Bronze has been designed to bring a whole new dimension of precision to music. When you listen to your records with the 2MR Bronze, it's like hearing them for the very first time and you can fall in love with your favourite songs all over again. That's the Ortofon understanding of hi-fi and that's what you get with the 2MR Bronze.

The Ortofon 2MR Bronze features a naked Fine Line diamond, which is particularly suitable for demanding applications. The slim profile of the Fine Line stylus ensures that even the highest frequencies are captured. In addition, the larger contact area ensures less distortion and plate wear. The 2MR Bronze features a special, improved generator with split pole pins and silver-plated copper wire, an increased output power of 5.5 mV and full compatibility with Ortofon 2M series stylus inserts.

The weight and size of the 2MR Bronze are designed to fit most turntables with a low tonearm height. In addition, the 2MR Bronze offers excellent compatibility with a wide range of playback systems and phono preamplifiers.

Sound image – with its very good resolution and higher transparency, the 2MR/2M Bronze offers a wide stage, many fine details and an extremely natural music reproduction. It presents itself pleasantly brilliant and balanced over the entire tonal range. Contoured bass and crisp low bass with plenty of pressure characterise the most dynamic representative of the 2MR/2M series.



  • With a height of only 14mm, optimised for low profile tonearms (e.g. Rega, Dual, etc.), no spacers, washers or turntable modifications required
  • Quick and easy installation on tonearms with only two screws with standard half inch mounting
  • Stylus with naked Fine Line diamond grinding
  • Split-pole technology
  • Silver-plated copper coils
  • Enhanced sound by reproduction of finest trebles
  • Easy upgrade via plug and play with Stylus 2M Black and 2M Black LVB 250 possible 


Before use – to avoid losses in sound quality, cartridges must always be adjusted individually on the headshell according to the manufacturer's specifications for the turntable and the cartridge, and the tracking force must be set correctly.

Compatibility of 2M stylus inserts
The generators, coils and magnet configurations of the 2M series are not identical in all models. The Red and Blue models are identical, as are the Bronze and Black. The 2M Silver follows its own configuration, while the true mono variants 2M Mono and 2M 78 are again identical to each other. 

Technically, the following styluses of the 2M series are interchangeable in stereo application: 

  • Stylus 2M Red, 2M Blue, 2M Silver, 2M Bronze, 2M Black and 2M Black LVB 250.


Technically, the following 2M series barrels are interchangeable in mono applications:

  • Stylus 2M Mono and 2M 78


Cartridge specifications:

  • Cartridge type: MM (Moving Magnet)
  • Output voltage: 5mV at 1000Hz, 5cm/sec
  • Amplifier connection: Phono MM
  • Channel balance at 1 kHz: 1dB
  • Channel separation at 1kHz: 26dB
  • Channel separation at 15kHz: 15dB
  • Frequency response: 20-29.000Hz
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz +2/-0dB
  • Sensing capability at 315Hz: 80µm at recommended tracking force
  • Stylus compliance: 20µm/mN
  • Recommended tonearm type: light and medium
  • Stylus grind: nude Fine Line
  • Radius of cartridge tip: r/R 8/40µm
  • Tracking force range: 14-17mN (1.4-1.7g)
  • Recommended tracking force: 15mN (1.5g)
  • Scanning angle: 20 degrees
  • Internal impedance, DC resistance: 1.2kOhm
  • Internal inductance: 630mH
  • Recommended load resistance: 47kOhm
  • Recommended load capacitance: 150-300pF
  • Housing material: Lexan DMX
  • Height: 14mm
  • Weight, cartridge system: 6g
  • Cartridge colour, housing/stylus: black/bronze
  • Replacement stylus: Stylus 2M Bronze
  • Upgrade stylus: Stylus 2M Black, 2M Black LVB 250


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