Product Highlights

Turntable Belts

The advantages of a turntable with a belt drive compared to a direct drive are in the decoupling of the motor. This considerably reduces vibrations and other interference because the elastic belt absorbs the majority of the motor’s vibrations. Due to this reduced interference, belt-driven turntables usually deliver a clearer, cleaner sound. What is decisive here for the optimal playback of your favourite records is the choice of the exact drive belt(s) suitable for the model at hand. Due to the fact that a rubber belt delivers relatively little torque versus a direct drive, you may notice slight deviations in the playback speed if the belt(s) installed do not fit correctly or the belt used is suffering from a lack of elasticity. For this reason, we at Thakker® take care to ensure the perfect dimensions, high-quality material, flawless production and storage of all belts in our range. As the original belts of many manufacturers are no longer available today, we took it upon ourselves many years ago to independently produce replica belts for almost all manufacturers and turntable models.