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The stylus establishes the contact between the record and the output system in the most literal sense of the expression. As such, it goes without saying that choosing the right stylus is an important decision affecting sound quality. Only what the stylus tip picks up can be converted to sound. The stylus tip is generally made of precisely cut diamond, sapphire or ruby. Depending on the material and the cut selected, different effects can already be achieved in terms of the signal transmission from the record to the sound transducer system. Music enthusiasts consciously use these differences in sound to adapt their audio and phono systems to their personal taste. Whether you need a spare or want to upgrade or convert a new or older system, we stock a range of original and replica styli from numerous manufactures. We are constantly working on making parts that are no longer available as originals available as replicas under the private label Thakker®. If you are unsure of whether a stylus is compatible with your existing system or suits your preferred sound, just use our contact page to get in touch with our expert team.