Product Highlights

Belts – the rubber that makes our world turn!

The majority of the electro-mechanical devices we use for the recording and playback of sound, and often video as well, can rarely function without a drive belt or pitch control belt made of this elastic material – known colloquially as rubber. Alongside original belts made of synthetic rubber and silicone, we also stock replica flat belts, round belts, square belts and pitch control belts in OEM quality. In most applications, it is decisive that this component retains its shape and is resistant to abrasion, accurately dimensioned and very, very precisely manufactured in all its details, so for years Thakker® has been using its own quality standards to produce belts for many models and manufacturers. Our R&D experts are continuously working on expanding our ever-increasing range of belts of all types. Alongside the pure replication of old and current belts, we also committed to offering better value for money on individual OEM belts thanks to improved products. If the belt type you require is not clearly identifiable, you can either orient yourself on the diameter and material cross-section of the belt or write an e-mail to our service team with all relevant, available information and we will do our best to help.