THAKKER DSFG-01 – Digital Tonearm Scale

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THAKKER® DSFG-01 – Digital tonearm scale with anti-magnetic stainless steel support with marking of the optimum support position of the tonearm stylus. With this high-precision digital tonearm scale with a very finely tuned tolerance range of +/- 0.01g, you can quickly and easily determine the exact support weight of your tonearm stylus.

With a generous measuring range of 0.01 g - 200 g, this scale offers a more than sufficient measuring range, and can therefore also be used for other measurements up to a maximum of 200 g.

When setting the contact force, please always observe the respective manufacturer's specifications for the stylus you are using.

Always adjust the contact force to the specific model in order to avoid damage or premature wear of your stylus or sound carrier.

A fast tare function and a wide range of units of measurement significantly expand the range of applications. Whether gram, ounce, troy ounce, carat, pennyweight, grain or even teaspoon can be quickly set via the menu key.

Tolerance range:
+/- 0,01 g

Measuring range:
0.01 g - 200 g

Power supply: 
2 x batteries Micro AAA (not included)

68 x 18 X 85 mm (W/H/D)

1 pc.

Width: 68 mm

Height: 18 mm

Depth: 85 mm


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