THAKKER CAP-01 – Cartridge Alignment Protractor / Adjustment template

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THAKKER® CAP-01 – The simple adjustment aid for correct cartridge alignment according to the proven 2 point method. Due to the thickness of the material, it is not necessary to carry out the setup with the record in place (material thickness simulates record thickness).

Due to its special design, this template can also be used on turntables with the stylus light switched on. It is compatible with many devices from AT, Technics, Pioneer and many more.

And it is as simple as this.

1. first adjust the overhang at point A. The stylus must rest exactly in the centre of the crosshairs A, while the cartridge body is aligned as parallel as possible to the guide lines.

2. now place the stylus precisely on point B and again align the cartridge parallel to the corresponding guide lines.

3. then repeat steps 1 and 2 until the correct adjustment is completed.

Forgotten how to do it? No problem! The Quick Guide is printed directly on the alignment tool, so it is always at hand.

Only cartridges that have been correctly adjusted to your record player can unfold the full potential of your records as well as your playback system. 

Incorrectly fitted cartridges can cause unwanted loss of sound and even premature wear or damage to your records and styli. 


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