THAKKER Stylus Brush – Needle Cleaning Brush, Carbon-Needle Brush

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To ensure optimal playback, use the THAKKER Stylus Brush before each playback of your records. Regular cleaning of your stylus protects both the stylus and your records from premature wear. The carbon fibre bristles remove dust and dirt from the stylus that has been picked up during playback. 

Please use only according to the instructions of the needle or cartridge manufacturer. 

  • Gently cleans and cares for the diamond of each cartridge. 
  • Protects the vinyl and prolongs the life of the stylus. 
  • Only a clean diamond guarantees the best possible pick-up

Note: In principle, the application of a needle cleaning brush is always done without pressure from the back to the front, i.e. from the shaft of the needle carrier towards the tip of the needle. 

Brush head: 7mm 
Length: 60mm 
Brush fibre: Carbon

Brush head: 7mm
Length: 60mm
Brush fibre: Carbon


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