THAKKER Twin Brush - Antistatic Record Brush with Carbon Fibre Bristles and velvet Padding

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Please use the THAKKER Twin Brush for an optimal playback experience before and after every listening session in order to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt. The centre part of the THAKKER Twin Brush is made of ultra-fine pole high quality velvet. This velvet is flanked on both sides by a thick layer of very fine carbon fibres. The carbon fibres remove the static charge from the record, so that the dust lays loose and can be easily picked up by the velvet in the middle of the brush even from deep inside the record grooves. After using the THAKKER Twin Brush, please simply store in the holder.

  • Carbon fibre and a soft velvet cleaning pad
  • carbon fibres get dirt out of the record grooves
  • prolongs the life of both disc and stylus
  • remove the unwanted materials leaving the groove clean


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