THAKKER William's Black Goatee - Goat Hair Record Brush

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THAKKER® William's Black Goatee – is the record brush with real, black goat hair in a vintage style. The retro look of black goat hair, a brown genuine wood handle and metal frame not only looks good next to your vintage or retro style turntable. It is also technically the right tool for the gentle and at the same time thorough cleaning routine of your vinyl records.

Goat hair has several advantages for record cleaning…

1. since the bristles are very soft, there is no risk of scratches

2. the very fine and pointed natural bristles go very deeply into the groove for cleaning

3. the hollow bristles naturally absorb a lot of dirt inside

After cleaning your records, simply tap the dried brush for easily dusting it off. The metal frame ensures a secure hold if the brush is placed on the handle side.

Bristle Material: genuine goat hair
Bristle Colour: black
Handle Material: genuine wood
Handle Color: brown
Handle Shell: metal frame, silver, brushed
Dimensions: 114 x 50 x 15mm (W/H/D)


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