THAKKER CHS-19 - Cranked Headshell - black

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The THAKKER CHS-19 cranked universal headshells enable quick cartridge changes on turntables with a straight tonearm.

The angled shape is ideal for turntables such as the Teac TN 300 or Audio-Technica AT-LP3.

Lightweight CNC machined aluminum headshell in a variety of colors to fit cartridges with half-inch mounts and 4-pin connectors.

A finger bar allows precise placement of the record needle.

Incl. headshell cable made of low-oxygen copper (5N PCOCC) and non-magnetic mounting set with…

2 screws (M2.5 x 8mm)

2 screws (M2.5 x 10mm)

2 screws (M2,5 x 12mm)

2 screws (M2,5 x 15mm)

2 screws (M2,5 x 18mm)

10 nuts (M2,5)

10 washers (nylon)

  • CNC milled aluminum
  • Rubber spacers for a secure fit on the tonearm
  • Color-coded connection wires
  • Headshell cable copper 5N PCOCC
  • Connection: SME standard
  • Weight: 10.7g


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