THAKKER CHS-13 - Cranked Headshell - Black

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THAKKER® CHS-13 – the inexpensive universal headshell for turntables with a straight, 4-pin tonearm and standard SME connector. The cranked headshell made of lightweight die-cast aluminum reduces vibrations to a possible minimum.

The 1/2 inch format is suitable for easy assembly and adjustment of most available pickup systems designed for headshell attachment. The finger lift enables the stylus to be placed exactly on the record. Compatible with many models from Audio-Technica, Denon, Dual, Goldring, Lenco, Nagaoka, Ortofon, Pioneer, Sumiko, Teac, Thakker, Thorens, Technics, and many more. Four color-coded pure copper headshell cables (6N-OFC: 99.9999%) with gold-plated spade lugs are included.


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