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VN 3 G Stylus for Shure V15 III, TM XM / Dual V15 III L-M - Made in Japan

Item-ID: 10151

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Manufacturer: Made in Japan

This stylus fits the following cartridges:

Dual V15 III LM, TK135 (TK14 with V15 III-LM), TK 136 (TK24 with V15 III-LM) Shure V15 III, V15 III-FM, V15 III G, V15 III HE and V15 III MR. Fidelitone 307E-603, 307E603, 307P-999, 307P999, 307S-856, 307S856.

  • Quality: Generic stylus, Made in Japan
  • Stylus-name: VN3G
  • Material: diamond, bonded
  • Stylus-type: sphericel
  • Tracking force, recommended:
  • Colour of genuine stylus: black
  • Cartridge: V 15 III


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