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Audio Technica ATN 150 Sa Stylus for AT 150 Sa - Genuine stylus

Item-ID: 8439

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Also compatible with the following Audio Technica cartridges: AT100E, AT120E, AT120Eb, AT120E/II, AT120 E/T, AT125LC, AT130E, AT135E, AT140LC, AT150E, AT150sa, AT150Mlx, , AT155LC, AT160ML, AT430E, AT440ML, AT440Mla, AT440MLb, AT450E, AT-VM510CB, AT-VM520EB, VM530EN, VM540ML, VM740ML, VM750SH and VM760SLC

  • Quality: Genuine stylus
  • Stylus-name: ATN 150 Sa
  • Manufacturer: Audio Technica
  • Material: diamond, nude
  • Stylus-type: Shibata
  • Tracking force, recommended:
  • Cartridge: AT 150 Sa and AT 150 MLx


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