THAKKER Record Cover Sleeves - 12" - 50 Antistatic Outer Sleeves | Extra Strong Premium Protection for all 12" Record Covers/LPs & Maxis

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With the high-quality THAKKER® record cover sleeves made of extra-strong HDPE, you can reliably protect your valuable record collection from external influences.

The material is pleasantly soft and at the same time particularly resistant to intensive use.

The acid-free sleeves do not react with the imprints on your record covers.

Antistatic properties counteract dust and all-too-fast soiling.

The semi-transparent material is able to reduce the negative effects of light UV radiation.

This prolongs the enjoyment of the brilliant, intense colours of your record collection.

The outer sleeves are not shipped in a cheap PVC bag, but are held in shape by a sturdy cover and thus protected from bending and damage.

Material properties: 
Extra strong HDPE film (high-density polyethylene)

320 x 325mm

material thickness: 

50 pcs.

Width: 320mm

Height: 325mm

Thickness: 100µm

Material: HDPE/semi-transparent/acid-free

Surface: antistatic coated


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