THAKKER Nubuck Leather Mat – Royal Blue

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THAKKER® Nubuck Leather Mat – made of the finest nubuck leather. A soft feeling of ​​audiophile luxury. With the exclusive THAKKER® turntable mat made of 100% genuine nubuck leather, you can specifically influence the sound of your turntable. The carefully roughened leather  dampens unwanted resonances and supports a warm and dynamic reproduction of your sound. Static charges and noise are reduced. In addition, the high-quality material and deep colouring give your hifi turntable a personal and exclusive aura.

In the case of leather, grains and different structures are part of the natural properties of the material. Changes in colour and surface can occur with the time, which gives the product a naturally aging patina.

Turntable Mat Diameter: 295mm

Material Thickness: 1.8 – 2.4mm (dependent of natural material fluctuations)

Material: 100% Genuine Nubuck Leather


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