THAKKER TK24 System Mount | Headshell with PCOCC Cable for Dual

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The offered product is a replica of the Dual TK 24 system mount, which is used for mounting 1/2 inch cartridge systems, as well as copies with a so-called dual-click mounting can be used.

According to our experience, the offered adapter can be used on the following record player models:

CS461, CS481, CS502, CS510, CS601, CS604, CS621, CS701, CS704, CS721, CS1209, CS1210, CS1211, CS1214, CS1215, CS1218, CS1219, CS1220, CS1222, CS1224, CS1226, CS1228, CS1229, CS1237, CS1241, CS1245 and CS1249.

The offered replica can NOT be used in the following models with TK 24 adapter, because in each case there is a (too) narrow tonearm head:

CS481A, CS491, CS504, CS521, CS1234, CS1235, CS1237A, CS1239, 1242 and 1246.


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