Ortofon AC-3600 Silver Audio-Cinchkabel 1,50m

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Ortofon AC-3600 Silver interconnect cable is the most economical version of interconnect cables delivering brilliant sound. 
Thanks to the silver plating, it is capable of delivering dynamic and brilliant sound. It is made of the silver plated OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), and has the gold plated RCA terminal (φ 12mm).  


Conductor size: 2 x 0.5mm²

Conductor material detail: Silver plated OFC

Conductor: 0.18/20

Cable diameter: φ 5.4 mm

DC Resistance: less than 35.6 Ω/km

DC Shield resistance: AC 500V/1min

Shieled: 8/0.1x16

Insulation: Polyethylene

Length 2 x 1.5 m

Terminal RCA: Gold plated (12mm)


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