Analogis Washing Wash ' n ' Play For Perfect Wet Cleaning of all LP's and Record Singles

Item-ID: 9137

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  • Pad manual record washing device for wet cleaning
  • Drying Stand with silicone of each Tectoren
  • Filling funnel with strainer and dirt filter
  • Record clamp with rubber seal
  • Cleaning fluid not included in delivery

'Pad "Wash' n 'Play manual record washing system for the perfect moth record cleaning machine is a wet your records. LP's and singles can use it to clean it perfectly. The Nassbehä switch features a liquid level indicators Ideal for control of the cleaning fluid, and the plate obtained with it clean. Equipped with silicone Protectoren, the drying stand, so that their plates are drying with optimal protection against scratches. For a secure grip ensure Tank Mounted Feet Made from non-slip plastic. The optimised sound plate clip complete with 2 flexible sealing rings and ensure maximum label protection against penetrating moisture. Included are the following part numbers: Indicator - Drying stand - Bathtub with liquid with silicone Pro Tectoren - Feed Hopper with sieve and dirt filter - Record Clamp with Rubber Gasket


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